1. A Comment on e-Reading Apps…

    As it is particularly relevant to my area of interest, I have spent considerable time trouble-shooting and sorting through different reading apps - most available on both iPhone and Android.

    Here are a few of the many & the pros and cons: 



    The Wattpad app connects you to Wattpad.com, where people can write and discover fan fiction and stories. Genres range from science fiction to paranormal to thriller to poetry—so there is something for everyone! 

    Pros: tons of genres to choose from, relatively quick updates, you can add unlimited stories to your personal library & IT’S FREE 

    Cons: the app requires that you create a sign-in which can be annoying for some people & some of the stories are REALLY poorly written and rarely edited. 

    That being said - you’ve got to give credit to people for being creative and putting their work online. You’ll enjoy these for a quick read while waiting for the bus or in line for the grocery store. 

    Verdict: GET IT. 


    OverDrive Media Console 


    The OverDrive Media Console App is great for e-readers with library cards!! Most libraries in your area have an online catalog of e-books and audio books with more choices available every day! 

    Pros: ITS FREE (the app and the books) & the app is so well organized and has great features like the option to change font, size, page options, etc. 

    Cons: its on a loan so there is a time limit & although selection is increasing, its limited and there’s often a wait list for the popular/new titles + you need to have a library card with one of the libraries in their system. 

    Verdict: GET IT (but get a library card first!!) 




    This iBooks apps is a product of Apple and has the convenience and beauty typical to Apple products. 

    Pros: very elegantly designed and simple to use & lots of selection! 

    Cons: must have an apple account and an apple product (iPad or iPhone) & it only supports iBook formats (meaning that if you have books purchased for your Kindle, Nook, or Sony Reader which are in ePUB format you will NOT be able to read these on your iBook) 

    Verdict: if you’re new to the e-reading world and don’t have tons of money invested in a library of books, GET IT. If you already have a library of Kindle books or books in an unsupported format, stick to another e-reading platform. It’s not worth it to lose all your money and books to get the name-recognition of this app. 

  2. Whoopsies

    Truth - I totally neglected my tumblr for a hot second (three months) cause my life was craycray…

    BUT im back on the block and ready to rock! SHOOP

  3. loving the simplistic style right now - these are also super affordable! 

    loving the simplistic style right now - these are also super affordable! 

  4. OB-sessed with leopard right now! 

    OB-sessed with leopard right now! 

  5. i want this shirt

    i want this shirt

  6. this purseeeee

    this purseeeee

  7. the shoes!

    the shoes!

  8. this purse is amazing

    this purse is amazing

  9. Cihan Karaca - Rolling in the Deep

    on Das Super Talent



  11. im digging the simple fashions lately with an EDGE

    im digging the simple fashions lately with an EDGE

  12. loooooove


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